Our Story

Our current world can have us feeling lost and unsure of where our path is taking us. Overwhelmed by media bombarding us with differing views on charged issues can leave us feeling divided and isolated.

But what is one thing that we can all agree on?           

We all want good lives for ourselves and our loved ones. 

So the question is…

How can we work together to build a better society for ourselves and our future generations?   

At For the Inspired, located in Anaheim Hills, California we believe that working on ourselves and building a relationship with the community around us is a great start.  

Our goal is to provide a safe non judgmental space for people to heal connect, and build together!! We offer a wide range of holistic workshops and hold monthly “community builder” meetings  for people who are interested in taking more positive action in the community around us. 

Mission Statement:

For The Inspired empowers individuals through creative collaboration and alternative healing to improve their mental health and overall wellbeing.



For the inspired is a heart centered community of creative innovators whose passion and purpose is to heal. We provide a safe space for individuals to express who they are and explore who they want to become. We have community projects (including clean ups and homeless outreach) that we are  currently working  on and looking to expand. We host events and teach classes on natural healing methods as an alternative avenue for mental health services . We help to link people with practitioners that  can help them with their individual needs on their healing journey. Our end goal is to open more healing homes (Havens) and create a network of like-minded individuals to build a society that we can all thrive in.

In our current world, it is very important for all of us to come together, put our differences aside, and help one another. We hope to inspire other people to get involved in building their own dreams and goals while creating a healthy environment for themselves, their community, and this Earth!!!!


 Donations help support  current and future projects  which provide opportunities for participants to explore their passion, purpose, and  healing. Providing them  the tools they need to thrive and help others do the same.

Upcoming Projects

We want to collaborate with other inspired individuals and communities who are ready to start building and expanding with us. We are currently looking to start Self-sustaining communities and healing centers to help those who are in need and suffering. If you are interested in finding out about events , getting connected with practitioners, or helping with upcoming projects please reach out. We look  forward to meeting you !!! 

Remember we are all a piece of this puzzle. Everyone has some thing that they can offer. Never feel like you aren’t good enough to pursue your dreams!!!